Igniting Businesses Through Blockchain

Appliqate aspires to lead the future of payment processing for businesses
by incorporating the method of blockchain payments.

Connecting Businesses with Blockchain

Blockchain technology is changing the way the world exchanges information, currency, contracts, and anything else of value. Even
in these early stages, industries like banks & financial institutions, music, healthcare, insurance, real estate, and retail are adopting
blockchain. Experts predict it could be bigger than the internet.

Appliqate, a publicly traded technology development firm, will
provide founders with a full-stack, “idea to exit” blockchain
business ecosystem.

By applying innovative blockchain technology, a global talent
pool, aligned capital and a new exponential mindset,
Appliqate can offer a platform that reduces risk, increases
positive outcomes for startups, opens opportunities for
entrepreneurs globally, and provides transparency and
liquidity to both entrepreneurs and their investors.

Community Based On Compchain

Appliqate (“APQT” or the “Company”) is a publicly traded, blockchain payments platform which furthers the rise of an integrated
open global blockchain economy. In conjunction with its ecosystem partners, Appliqate encourages the adoption of (i) digital
wallets (ABRA), (ii) retail crypto-currency transactions, and (iii) online cryptocurrency bill-pay (Cents). Built on the
CompChain blockchain, and employing CompCoin (CoCo) currency, APQT is poised to be the first widely accepted blockchain
payments platform. Appliqate aspires to lead the future of payments.

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  • COMPCHAINOur Network
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Current Initiatives

APQT is poised to be the first widely accepted blockchain payments platform. Appliqate aspires to lead
the future of payments.

Designed as the world’s first publicly available, working blockchain payment, processing system. Compchain is putting the power into the hands of the growing businesses, giving them the chance to earn, grow, and run their business in a completely revolutionary way. A system built on the power of blockchain, Compchain provides a real-time, accurate, transparent global payment solution and business growth platform for entrepreneurs.

CompCoin (CoCo)

CompChain members purchase CoCo, CompChain’s core currency, in their CompChain wallets. Members use CoCo to cover basic membership functions, e.g. KYC requirements, register networks and database, communications and global payments. More compelling, members can will be able to use CoCo to directly purchase from more than 100,000 retail locations as well as pay bills from any company that accommodates electronic bill pay. CompCoin is a mine-able SHA256 POW hashing algorithm.

CompAffiliates Platform

Appliqate has recruited and trained a significant blockchain salesforce across 108 countries. This sales force is (or will likely be) more substantial than any other active utility blockchain. CompAffiliates’ comprehensive blockchain education program builds active, engaged, and eager members who are blockchain advocates. This sales force is capable of launching small and large companies’ blockchain projects to the masses.

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